Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sweeping the court

Mayo Hibi won the women's U.S. Open National Playoffs, and has been awarded a wild card into U.S. Open qualifying. 17-year-old Hibi, who represents Japan, lives in Irvine, California. She is ranked number 262 in the world.

RadioTennis.com is covering the U.S. Open qualifying rounds. You can listen here.

There have already been several retirements in New Haven. Virginia Razzano, Monica Niculescu, Heather Watson, Polona Herzog, Flavia Pennetta, Sofia Arvidsson, and Yaroslava Shvedova all retired during qualifying. Peng Shuai, Sorana Cirstea and Ayumi Morita retired during the first round.

Coco Vandeweghe and Christina McHale are changing their coaching situations. Recently, television commentators were talking about Vandeweghe and said that she wanted to play basketball but that her mother rather strongly persuaded her to choose tennis because it is "a better sport for women." Chris Evert then remarked that perhaps Vandeweghe should play some WTT tennis since she likes team sports. Maybe. But I'm thinking--perhaps she should just play basketball?

Ah, and it wasn't that long ago that Maria Sharapova told Novak Djokovic, "I don't stick my ass out anymore."


bill said...

I think Coco played WTT for the Sacramento Capitals in 2012. C'mon Chris - do your homework! Also, it's a good question about what Coco's basketball career would have been if she had focused on that rather than tennis. Obviously her dad had a long NBA career...

Diane said...

I thiught Coco had played WTT, too, but it was entirely possible that Evert meant "keep playing." At any rate, I hope her mother didn't "force" her into tennis, the way they made it sound.

Todd.Spiker said...

Hmm, I believe Kiki Vandeweghe (basketball player) is her uncle. Additional trivia: her grandmother, Colleen Kay Hutchins, was Miss America in 1952, for what it's worth. ;)

Sabey said...

The US Open National Playoffs are not limited to US nationals?

Diane said...

Apparently not. I assume her residency got her in. I wondered about that, too, Sabey.

bill said...

My mistake re relationship of Coco and Kiki. Thanks Todd!

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