Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bartoli goes to Charleston semifinals with win over Czink

Winning with 82% of her first serves in the day's last quarterfinal in Charleston, Marion Bartoli made it tough for Melinda Czink to make an impact. In the first set, which Bartoli took, 6-4, the Frenchwoman demonstrated a very effective first serve, which neutralized the problems she was having with her second serve. In the second set, she was highly successful with both serves. She also stayed busy exploiting Czink's unstable backhand, which produced error after error for the woman who--just the day before--had taken out 4th seed Nadia Petrova.

Czink had forehand issues, too, often making late impact with the ball. There were, however, some good exchanges between the two, and the crowd--desperate for a three-set match--gave Czink a lot of encouragement. But there was little she could do, as the ever-aggressive Bartoli broke her five times and emerged the victor with a 6-4, 6-1 scoreline.

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