Thursday, July 19, 2007

Patty Schnyder talks about the Rodionova default

From her Cincinnati blog:

I just heard about what happened to Anastasia Rodionova yesterday, that she was defaulted. Rainer and I were talking to people who saw it and it sounds like it was a bit of an over-reaction from the umpire or referee. I don't think she did anything really bad. Sometimes people get angry and hit the ball like that and it hits people, but that didn't happen. I don't believe she should've been defaulted. And now it's being played up a lot by the media... but what can you do?

Though I was not there, this was my first thought, too. Unfortunately, fans tend to not like Rodionova because of her attitude and her temper, and people nearly always forget that unfairness is unfairness. No one "deserves" to be treated unfairly, as some fans are saying. If Rodionova did nothing especially wrong, it doesn't matter what she had done in the past; she does not deserve unfair treatment. And regardless of whether Rodionova deserved the default, the fans who prompted her outburst needed to be defaulted, too.

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