Monday, July 2, 2007

NBC fires Bud Collins

I'm sure this move by NBC is upsetting a lot of people, but I'm not one of them. I have always found Collins excessively annoying, despite his knowledge of tennis. And a few years ago, when he lumped some very talented young players into a group he described as "players who cannot play," I was really ready for him to go.

This is Collins' last Wimbledon. If NBC is getting rid of Collins because of his age, shame on them. If they are getting rid of him because he is creepy, I'm all for it.


ken said...
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ken said...

Interesting news! Despite his knowledge of the game and its history, I found him to be a bit condescending. Though I did appreciate the voice of a real journalist in the booth as well as his correct pronunciation of all the Russians' and Eastern Europeans' names.

Diane said...

Yes, even I will concede that Collins is accurate when others are too lazy to even care. But his cloying manner and cute interviews and hanging on to players--literally--really got on my nerves.

I wish ESPN would get rid of a few of their commentators.