Friday, July 6, 2007

My name is Bartoli. Marion Bartoli.

In her post-match interview today, Marion Bartoli revealed that one of the factors that turned her game around in her semifinal match against number 1 seed Justine Henin was that she looked into the stands and saw Pierce Brosnan, one of her favorite actors. "I said to myself, 'It’s not possible I play so bad in front of him. I saw he was cheering for me, so I said, 'Oh, maybe it’s good.' I kept going and I won, maybe a little bit for Pierce Brosnan."

For her part, Henin said "I still don't really realize what did happen. I don't understand what did happen." I'm sure she doesn't because, once Bartoli got rolling, it all seemed to happen so quickly. Henin said she wasn't surprised by her opponent's level of play, that Bartoli has been working very hard, and now it is paying off. Henin also said something very telling (for a change): "I know her personality. I knew she wouldn't be afraid to win the match."

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