Sunday, July 29, 2007

Enough with Chakvetadze and the emotional fragility thing

There was a time when Anna Chakvetadze would cry on the court, much like Vera Zvonareva used to. Naturally, she developed a reputation for being emotionally fragile, but--listen up, Mary Joe Fernandez--she stopped doing it a long time ago. She grew up. It's true that earlier this season, Chakvetadze shed a few tears on the court, but that was because she was so physically exhausted, she doubted she could stay in the match. But on ESPN, there is always considerable babble about how emotionally fragile the Russian player is.

Chakvetadze is a fairly mannered woman, and the expressions that cross her face range from frustration to amusement. This is part of what makes it so much fun to watch her. But having these kinds of mannerisms is not a sign of weakness. Anna Chakvetadze has played in six Sony Ericsson WTA Tour finals, and has won all six. We should all be so emotionally fragile.

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Marija said...

You're right. Actually, Anna seems quite strong lately; she's determined and focused, and her results reflect that. I wouldn't categorize her in emotionally fragile persons; she may only be emotional, but that's not a bad thing.